Most concrete repair companies in the area will use one of two different techniques to fix and stabilize sinking slabs – polyjacking or mudjacking (slabjacking). Polyjacking makes use of polyurethane materials to help with filling voids underneath a slab and lifting it back up into position. This material is able to provide the necessary support required to keep the slab in place and keep it stable. The technique involves using a two component pump that injects the resin underneath the sinking slab.

The process for polyjacking begins with small holes being drilled into the damaged concrete surface. Next, the resin is injected into the holes. It expands and fills up all the cracks and crevices beneath the slab. After about 15 minute, the material has cured, and the slab can now be walked or driven over once again. The holes in the surface will be patched over so that they match with the surrounding concrete. This technique can be used on: driveways, patios, porches, sidewalks, pool decks, and more.

So, why choose polyjacking over mudjacking? Mudjacking makes use of a cement, mud mixture. It requires larger holes to be drilled into the damaged concrete surface, and the slurry mix isn’t anywhere near as durable or lasting as the polyurethane materials that we use. Polyjacking also requires fewer holes to be drilled into the concrete surface, and the material cures much more quickly.