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Houston, TX Concrete Leveling & Repair

Level It Concrete Leveling & Repair Services has professionals on staff in the Houston, TX area who can easily assist you with issues related to concrete surfaces for things like garden paths, driveways, garage floors, pool decks and porches.

With years of Houston, TX Concrete Leveling & Repair experience in this industry, we understand what works and what doesn’t work in the techniques used to repair sinking concrete slabs. While it’s annoying to have to deal with this type of problem, we are here to help. Fortunately, sinking concrete slabs no longer need to be replaced entirely. Contact Level It today to learn more about our concrete leveling and repair services!

Polyjacking Mixture Raises Concrete

Houston, TX Concrete Leveling & Repair
Houston, TX Concrete Leveling & Repair

Level It utilizes a technique known as polyjacking to raise sinking concrete slabs. This is very much like mudjacking or “Slabjacking,” but we utilize a blend of polyurethane rather than a messy mix of concrete. Small holes are first drilled into the surface of the damaged concrete slab and then we inject a polyurethane blend which foams to fill up the space beneath the slab. This provides the necessary pressure to raise the slab to the level it should be. Not only is this technique quick, it’s also cost effective, curing within 15 minutes.

Concrete Leveling & Raising

Our polyjacking services can be used to raise sinking concrete slabs at your home or business. The process is fairly quick as outlined above, and you will immediately be able to use the slab’s surface again after the foaming material has cured. As a home or business owner, it is important for you to be sure that all of the slabs on your property are level so that nobody trips on them or gets hurt. We do work on all types of surfaces, from pool decks to garage floors, and in all types of areas in between.

Repair Services for Wall Cracks

Have you noticed any cracks in the walls on the inside or outside of your concrete foundation? We can fix those too. Don’t delay getting these types of problems fixed, as serious damage can occur from water seeping into your home or business. Click here to learn more about crack repair.

Other Services We Provide

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