Cracks in a Brick Wall

Cracks in a brick wall or other bricks on your home are usually an early sign of a more serious foundation problem. If you have bricks that are separating or your mortar is beginning to degrade, have your cracks and the foundation looked at by a foundation repair professional rather than just someone like a handyman. There are many causes of foundation problems that lead to cracks in brick or worse. When a Texas concrete slab bends, or curves downward along a brick wall, that brick wall will eventually break. brickrepairtexas

When a break or crack follows the mortar line, the damage from foundation failure is easily repaired with mortar touch up. When stress causes brick to fracture, bricks must be replaced.  Brick replacement costs will vary per linear foot, if it is even possible to find the same brick in production.  Painted brick walls indicate either that the brick color was atrocious, or that it was impossible to camouflage cracks in the brick.

Some cracks in a brick wall can be closed with foundation underpinning but this can only be diagnosed properly by a Texas foundation repair specialist. However, every situation is unique. A reputable foundation repair contractor will never guarantee that cracks in brick or brick mortar will close after the work has been completed because so many factors need to be taken into account. What we “can” assure you here at Level It, is we will give you the best solution for your issue, and guarantee that we’ll be honest and forthcoming, and never pressure you into a service.

At Level It, we advise our customers that cracks in brick may close, but in some cases further repair may be needed.  We have seen brick cracks close almost completely on one side of a house, while cracks barely move on another side of the same house. This is why we always recommend that  foundation leveling and repairs be performed early. When a customer postpones foundation repair, it is not always possible to put Humpty Dumpty back together again.

If you think that you have a foundation problem, you can minimize your foundation repair cost and cosmetic issues by nipping the problem in the bud and getting the foundation problem solved.  Cracks in mortar can be easily repaired/touched up, but as we said earlier, cracks in bricks can and similar issues can be a symptom of a much bigger problem that can not repair itself. Don’t wait… call us now for a free, fair estimate.

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