We Repair Foundations in Houston, Dallas, Austin, & San Antonio Texas as Well as Surrounding Areas!

At Level It, we can provide you with slab or pier and beam foundation repairs to help with preventing and repairing certain types of foundation problems such as wall cracks, settlement, a sinking home, or bowing walls inside of the basement. Installation can be performed quickly, and we will also be sure to clean up the job site before we leave your property.

Foundation Systems are Not All the Same

There are a lot of causes of foundation failure and foundation problems can appear no matter what type of foundation you have on your property. At Level-It we use many methods to allow our experts to employ the method best suited for your particular situation, problem and soil type.

Slab Foundation Repairs

Slab on grade foundations have an exterior grade beam typically 12-24 inches thick. Depending on the size of the house, at least 1 inside beam will run through the center of the house. These beams are also 12-24 inches thick. Concrete flooring is supported by these beams and is usually 4 inches thick.

Most foundations built after 1960 are reinforced with rebar or post-tension cables. Earlier slabs  were reinforced with wire mesh or nothing at all. Today, around 90% of homes are built with foundations that use post tension cables.

slabfoundationrepair We have extensive experience with slab foundation repairs. Our trained and experienced technicians will diagnose  your problem, clearly explain the cause and walk you through each step of the repair process. Give us a call for a  free, no-pressure consultation!


Slab Foundation Piering System Types

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The DynaPier®

Drilled Piers

Helical Piers

Steel Pressed Piling

Concrete Pressed Piling

We have years of experience working with all types of foundation types and systems, and we have helped countless home and business owners in the area with their home’s structural or waterproofing problems. Call NOW for a free no-obligation consultation!

Pier & Beam Repairs

pier-and-beam-foundation-repair Pier and beam foundation repairs present unique issues because they have what may be considered “moving  parts”. Only a trained pier and beam specialist or foundation  repair service should give you a plan of repair. Our  technicians are trained extensively and have experience with pier  & beam foundations.


As an example, if someone sees cracks in sheet rock or a brick veneer on a home with a pier and beam foundation there could be several causes. The grade beam may have fallen  and caused the cracks or the supports might have sunk into the ground. There could be cracked or broken joists, or the still plate may have rotted.

Most pier and beam foundations have a concrete beam or masonry foundation wall that supports the outer wall of the house. Interior piers are used to support the beams, which then support the floor joists that your floor rests on. Interior piers should ideally be made of concrete cylinders or blocks.