DFW Foundation Repair Facts

DFW Foundation Repair Facts

1. The foundation is NOT the problem.

Here are some DFW foundation repair facts that we’ve seen people confused about quite often! In most cases, the soil underneath the slab is the problem.  We tell customers, “You don’t have a foundation problem.” And as they would sigh in relief, I would continue, “You have a soil problem.”  I would then need to explain how foundations don’t move unless the soil beneath it does. DFW foundation repair crews deal with unique situations because of our weather and conditions.

2. Water is THE variable. Helical pier foundation repair

A slab foundation found in the DFW area simply follows the movement of the soil.  The soil only moves when it is getting wet or drying.  Simply put, when soil gets wet it expands, and when it dries out it shrinks or compacts.  You can’t isolate your house from rain, so even hydration of the soil is the key.  Water is the single variable that makes the soil dynamic, nothing else.

3. Open Spaces (voids) are NOT a problem.

Customers sometimes ask if we fill the open spaces under the slab once the foundation is lifted.  With pier & beam construction, the weight load is on the beams.  Concrete slabs typically have a thick beam around the exterior and in a grid pattern throughout the interior. The weight of the DFW house rests primarily on these beams, not the soil below.

4. Foundation Cracks do not tell you WHERE the problem is.

Houses with foundation movement will create foundation cracks.  In many cases the cracks are small and other times they are very pronounced.  A crack in a foundation acts like a hinge, or a relief point for movement in the slab. Typically, the issue that leads to a DFW foundation repair is not where the crack is, yet movement somewhere else on the house has caused it.

Call a Pro to Explain the Situation

If you live in an area like DFW where foundation repair companies exist, your best bet is to call a pro who can analyze and explain your specific issue.  Level It has worked on thousands of foundations and can perform a fast evaluation in a stress free atmosphere. Call us today to have an engineer take a look!