Foundation Repair Warning Signs

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Do you have cracked walls, doors that won’t close, or bulging floors? Any of these can be signs of serious foundation problems. Foundation settlement can lead to major structural problems within your home or business. Luckily there are ways to repair a concrete foundation without having to tear it out and start from scratch.

Texas Foundation Repair Warning Signs

Foundation settlement and movement requiring foundation repair can be caused by building on expansive clay, compressible or improperly compacted fill soils, or improper maintenance around foundations.

Older homes are typically more susceptible to foundation problems, especially in the semi-arid cities such as Houston and Dallas, Texas. Whatever the cause, settlement can destroy the value of structures and even render them unsafe. If you see signs of foundation distress, don’t delay in getting the problem solved.

The longer you wait, the more your foundation will sink and cause further costly damage.

There are two common methods for lifting a sunken concrete foundation: piering and slabjacking. Piering fixes concrete foundations by placing supports underground that lift and support the concrete. While, slabjacking fills the space under the slab with a grout mixture that floats the foundation back to its original position.

A Level It professional will be able to asses which repair method is best suited for your foundation issues.

Whether your home has sunk just a few inches or much more, a Dallas area concrete floor and foundation repair contractor from Level It can provide the proper solution. They will be able to assess any damage that has occurred and determine the best plan for your situation. Remember, you are protecting your biggest investment, your home.

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Concrete Leveling Video

We felt that showing you a concrete leveling video would help you understand the process that we use to level and repair Dalls and Ft Worth area concrete that has cracks or isn’t level. You can see that we use the top procedures and materials to make sure your concrete is leveled or repaired and stays that way!

Concrete Leveling Video – Watch Us Lift a Slab

Fixing a Badly Leaking Foundation Crack

Level It is the DFW Texas area’s premier concrete repair and foundation leveling company. Whether you need a crack fixed or an entire slab or foundation leveled, we are the best choice to get the job done.

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Expanding Soil Can Cause Foundation Repairs

How does expanding soil damage a foundation?

Your soil contains minerals that absorb water. When this happens, they increase in volume. The more water the soil absorbs the more their volume increases. This change in volume can exert enough pressure on your foundation or slab to cause serious damage. Cracked foundations, floors and basement walls are typical types of damage done by swelling soils.

Expandable soils are referred to by many names. “Expandable soils”, “expansive clay”, and “heavable soils” are some of the many names used. Different parts of the nation refer to them differently.

Soils are composed of a lot of materials, most that do not expand from moisture. However, a number of clay minerals do. These include: smectite, bentonite, vermiculite, attapulgite, nontronite, and chlorite. There are also some sulfates that will expand with changes in temperature.

When a soil contains a large amount of expansive minerals it has the potential of significant expansion. When the soil contains very little expansive minerals it has little expansive potential.

Drainage Issues can hurt as well:

Foundation and slab problems can be caused by too much moisture OR too little. Standing water around your foundation or house, water dumped by gutter downspouts or a slope of the yard around your home can cause saturated soil as well. These issues can be easily and fully remedied by installing French drains, channel drains, surface drains, swales, retaining walls, and gutters to help solve foundation problems around the house.

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Need Foundation Repair?

Do you have sinking concrete / cement slab foundation problems? Does it seem that your foundation may be buckled? If your home does not feel right, or if you are seeing foundation damage, you may need foundation repairs.

So, what signs should you look for? Here is a simple check list that you can use to make a preliminary assessment.

  • Floors or counters are sloping. If you put a ball on the floor and it rolls off, you have slopes. Drops of an inch or so across a foundation are not a problem. Once slopes begin to exceed an inch of drop in 20 feet, they become noticeable and can become a problem.
  • Doors that stick closed or open. If a door is sticking closed because the top or the bottom of the door hits the door frame or the floor, it means that your floors are sloping, you may have a foundation problem.
  • Cracks in interior or exterior walls or ceilings such as zig-zag cracks in bricks. If you have cracks in your sheetrock or brick, there is a very good chance that your foundation is moving.

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Need Foundation Repair?