What is Slab Jacking?

Slab jacking, also known as polyjacking can level your concrete surface quickly and affordably! If you have uneven or sinking portions of your concrete slabs/foundation, sidewalks, driveways, or other concrete surfaces around your home, it can cause serious damage to other parts of your property. Erosion and differential settlement are most likely the root cause of your sunken concrete, but the good news is that Level It can raise and level your sunken concrete to its original position without removing or damaging your structures! We’ve done this quickly and affordably for Texas homeowners and businesses for years.
Concrete lifting and leveling (commonly referred to as slab jacking) is a technique used to restore a failed or settled section of concrete slab to its original height while remaining level and adding strength to the concrete slab and the supporting soil beneath. This can be to a crawl space, foundation, house, pool deck, patio, driveway or any other concrete surface. Level It diligently investigates each project site and employs the most advantageous methods and materials.

We lift the concrete and level it! polyjacking-steps

We use the best materials and equipment to give the customer the best quality and service that is available.  The product consists of materials that expand upon injection at a rate of up to many times the original volume. These structural foams reach a high % of max load capacity and are traffic ready quickly.  We can lift and level a concrete slab accurately and quickly and no excavation or digging is required. Our process is the least intrusive method for lifting and leveling slabs and usually requires only a few small holes to be drilled through the slab.
After injecting the structural foam and leveling the sunken concrete, these holes are filled with mortar or epoxy and then refinished to match the appearance of the surrounding, original concrete. Our slab jacking and concrete leveling restores your concrete structures to their original position for years to come and costs significantly less than traditional concrete replacement. There’s no reason to go through the expense, mess or time it takes to pour new concrete when we can make your existing structure level without it!